Sunday, 7 August 2011

A bit of an experiment

So, after some trials and tribulations, here is my first attempt at a video clip. I wanted to capture the sense of peacefulness I felt. The sound quality is poor (I think the crackling soudns is something to do with the breeze hitting the microphone- it wasn't there in real life) and there are other technical flaws but I am fond of this all the same. Maybe that's what all that furry stuff on professional mikes is for. Anyway, we all have to start somewhere, so here I am. Started.

PS: I hope this plays for anyone who is interested. I had to compress it and could only do that by turning it into a Windows Media Player file. I've embedded a much larger file below which should play on anyone's system but might be too large to download. Let me know if this works for you or not (on any level)?


  1. Yes, it works for me - on both levels. No problem playing it, and I've always loved sheer curtains blowing in the breeze. I wonder if some sound would make it even better? I'm not sure what exactly - music is such an individual thing that it might detract for some people, and birdsong etc seems a bit obvious. Although I do like it very much just as it is, I also feel it needs something else to fully work.

  2. This is right up my street. I've got a similar clip shooting out through the frame of my bedroom window at telephone wires hardly perceptibly vibrating in the wind, against the sky.

    I shot it twice, once for the exterior exposure and once for the interior exposure, then comped the two together so there was a bit more detail in the shadow.

  3. There is something quite eerie about this. I'm not sure whether that is a reaction to the context in which I believe you took the footage (quite streets due to fears of civil unrest) but if that is the case it is another reminder of the part context plays in interpreting visual media.

  4. Gilly, Clive, Dave - thank you for taking time to comment. It is great to get your feedback. I think I am some way off being able to make an HDR film clip Clive but will bear the possibility in mind. I'm proceeding in baby steps at the moment.

    Actually I took the clip a couple of months ago Dave and to me is suggested happiness and peace but I do see what you mean. And as you say, context is all important in our decoding of tehse things - probably all the more so because this clip offers relatively little by way of context.