Sunday, 21 August 2011

More (sub)text

A few more pictures from this work in progress.

Vivid colour, stunning detail

Common cafe

No drinking in the churchyard

Everything must go

This is our home


  1. I do like this series - the pay on words really appeals. Saw one you'd have enjoyed o a newspaper board last week. it said; "Virgin staff outrage at pregnancy test" or something similar.

  2. Hi Eileen, I'm trying to recall, I think your 'work in progress' is linked primarily to refuse? - I think it is quite a pertinent issue, particularly with regards our national 'recycling' policy and thereof 3 or 4 bins outside each house. In a row of terraces, you could have 100 bins 'littering' one small street. The invasion not of tripods or darleks, but wheelie bins!! I look forward to seeing how this develops.

  3. Nigel - thank you very much. Once you start noticing these things, they are everywhere! ; -))

    Penny, I have updated the blog text to link to the first post in this series so others can follow the thread.

    But I'm generally looking for pictures including text in my local area. This has produced a few themes to date, including one based around waste and refuse. I have some pictures of abandoned items that don't include text also. I am currently just enjoying wandering about and keeping my eyes open. It's amazing what is out there when you start to look. I try to keep an open mind and open eyes and have just two rules: the first is to take what I see, and not to alter or change what I find in any way; te hsecond is to try to keep the pictures fairly straight, not using funky camera angles or black and white or aestheticising in any obvious way. As far as possible all pictures are taken at 28mm. I'm trying to be open and inclusive and see where that gets me.

    I haven't yet seen an array of massed wheelie bins but I have learned that stranger things happen.

  4. Sorry Eileen, my mistake... you say, once you know what you are looking for, serendipity often prevails and opportunities kindly present themselves. It is also interesting on reading your response how clear you are in what you are aiming to achieve. This clarity of approach and vision strikes me as that of an accomplished artist. I think if the 'author' works out the plot before putting pen to paper, it must culminate in a more coherent book. The same must apply with a set of photographs....but hey, it looks a fun project at the very least!!!