Thursday, 27 October 2011


Shy Gilly

This is a picture of my friend, fellow blogger and OCA student Gilly. It was taken during our recent trip to the South Bank. We were sheltering in a cafe from the heavy wind and rain and I thought the light on Gilly's face looked rather nice (diffused daylight from a steamed-up window). Gilly doesn't really like having her picture taken and was rather embarassed, but very kindly allowed me to take a few quick snaps. I like this one becaue of the light and Gilly's expression.

The pictures below were taken on a different day and in very different light (a dark cafe with no natural light source). Again we were having a cup of tea and chatting away. Sitting down and talking tends to make up a large part of our outings. I loved what Gilly was wearing and thought it would be interesting to take some detail pictures, to see how much you can suggest of the whole person from telling details.

Here is a composite image showing my favourite details. You can get a surprising amount of information from small glimpses.

Composite Gilly

No picture of our days together would be representative without some evidence of tea and chat.

Just got this month's BJP - very pleased to see that the subject of this issue is portraits. Off for a relaxing read now.


  1. Lovely Eileen. You are so good at people.

  2. Fabulous Eileen, I always enjoy reading your thoughts. Great pic of Gilly too!

  3. Delightful composite portrait Eileen as well as of Gilly looking shy. Your observational skills and sensitivity to your subject says a lot about you too.

  4. Agree, your portraits are striking and sensitive. A very natural portrait...and as said above, the 'small glimpses' also reflect positively on your approach as a photographer.

  5. Goodness, I don't think I've ever had a blog post written about me before! I love these photos, Eileen - you're the first person who's ever managed to take a shot of me that doesn't make me wince! The composite shots work really well too, I think.