Sunday, 27 November 2011

A different kind of truth

These short films document the process of making an artwork for 'A Graceful Death' a project of work by Antonia Rolls and others exploring how we deal with death and serious illness. I wrote about the most recent exhibition in Birmingham in a previous post.

Stuart's beloved wife Sue killed herself. After an extended period of grieving and recovery Stuart (an old and dear friend of mine from college days) expressed an interest in taking part in the Graceful Death project. He wanted very much to tells Sue's story, to speak about her struggles and decisions, her highs and lows. I will make a separate blog post with more of Sue's story. These films explore the process of making art about painful subjects. They begin with Stuart looking at Antonia's paintings. They explore issues of pain and honesty: sometimes real pain requires a different kind of truth.

The films have many technical and other failings (I have a lot to learn). But I think the subject rises above these irritations.

This final film shows the process of developing the pictures of Stuart and Sue (shown below at the Birmingham exhibition), looking at some of the considerations that went into each aspect.


  1. Thank you Eileen, this is a very good part of A Graceful Death exhibition, and I am really thrilled you have done this. Brilliant xx

  2. I haven't got time to watch the videos at the moment, Eileen, but will come back and enjoy them later. I read Toni's account of Sue and Stuart's story and was in tears by the time I finished. It's incredibly sad and touching and I'm glad it's being honoured in this way.