Sunday, 12 January 2014

Assignment three–tutor comments and reflection

2013-08-16 13.26.29 Mwanza to Kilimanjaro 1100px2013-08-21 15.58.24 P1020035 Kilimanjaro to Dar 1100px
2013-08-24 11.39.55_DSC4995 Istanbul to London 1100px2013-08-14 18.32.54 Istanbul to Dar 1100px

I received a typically prompt response to my submission. There were no major suggestions for change. Overall Norman found this an imaginative outcome, pushing the bounds of landscape (literally): this entailed some risks but in this case the result was positive.  “There is no doubt you have chosen some striking images to use for this assignment and created a strong and imaginative outcome to this theme.”

Norman found the images which had greater contrast and colour most effective. I had been discussing presentation options and he suggested that I might consider a tetraptych of four of the pictures. The pictures chosen are those above – I’ve pasted in cut Norman’s mock-up below as he also suggested some changes to the contrast and vibrance in one of the images. The reproduction below suffers from being just cut out of a document so isn’t as subtle as would have been intended. By coincidence I have already had four small canvasses printed of these images – my selection was different in one respect from Norman’s – and had planned to put them up in just this format. I have noted that one of the pictures (the bottom left one) has come back kind of washed out and may get it reprinted with additional vibrance and contrast. For assessment I may print these in grid format on an A3 sheet rather than making separate image (prints of these aren’t essential for assessment but I would like to have something in the box to represent this work in physical form, in addition to the digital presentation).

Suggested further reading/reference for this work:
Google - landscape photography at its best
Norman also gave me some book and reading details for my critical review of Mark Power. I will incorporate these into a separate post setting out my plans for that work, so that everything related to the essay can be found together.
It was pleasing to get positive feedback on the work. I’ll look further at the contrast and vibrance of some of the images – we’ll see how successful I am when they are printed. On to the next!

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  1. The alteration in contrast and vibrance certainly solidifies the cloud - it looks like a sea-cloud.
    Great that you're doing your review on Mark Power - he's one of my favourite photographers.